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Disbursement Authorization Form

ISU Foundation Disbursement Authorization Form
The Disbursement Authorization form is used to request payments to individuals, vendors or campus accounts from your ISU Foundation accounts. The Foundation has a fiduciary responsibility to donors to ensure that funds are utilized in accordance with the terms and conditions of their gifts while adhering to University policies and federal and state regulations.   

To ensure your payment is processed in a timely manner, it is important the the DA form is completed properly with the following information:

    - Supporting documentation is complete,
    - Authorization is from valid authorized signers on the account (two approvals are required; authorized signors cannot approve their own check requests),
    - Expenditure meets the purpose requirements of the account from which it will be paid,
    - A W-9 Form is attached with the form (if applicable),
    - And there are sufficient funds available in the account to cover the disbursement request.

For questions regarding you DA form, contact Tina Tuyen Tran at 812.514.8514.  

End of the Year/New Year Expenditure Procedures 
June 30 is the last day for processing FY15/16 disbursements through the ISU Foundation.  The Foundation's Disbursement Authorizations (DA) Form must be received by close of business on June 30 in order to be recorded in FY15/16. All disbursements received July 1 and onward will be part of FY16/17 expenditures. Any DA forms that are incomplete as of June 30 (lacking signatures, relevant information, W9 forms, project numbers, invoices, receipts, etc.) will not be processed in FY15/16. Beginning, July 1, the Foundation will require the use of the revised DA form (updated March 2016.) All previous versions of the DA form will not be accepted and sent back via campus mail so they can be completed on the new form.

Indiana State University guidelines for miscellaneous payments to employees and students
Payments made to Indiana State University faculty/staff or students should be processed through ISU departmental accounts. If such payments are taxable, they will need to be processed through ISU payroll and applicable taxes withheld. These payments include: cash payments, gift cards, and cash equivalents. If payment is allowable, the ISU Foundation can be requested to reimburse the university from the appropriate ISU Foundation account.

More information concerning these types of payments can be found on the Office of the Controller website under the "Forms & Policies" tab.  For questions, contact Hope Waldbieser at 812-237-3524.