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Mission, Vision and Values

The Indiana State University Foundation is the designated receiver and repository of gifts to Indiana State University. Since its establishment in 1928, the purpose of the Foundation has been to promote the welfare of the ISU community. It serves as the fundraising arm of the University, manages the University’s endowment, engages in resource development initiatives, and oversees alumni relations and constituent development programs that benefit the institution.

Our Mission

We inspire others to become involved in the life of Indiana State University and secure the resources to ensure the University’s growth and success.  

Our Vision

Positively transforming lives by enhancing the Indiana State University experience

Core Values

Reflective – ensuring professional and personal growth of all constituents through introspection and assessment
Authentic – sincerity, honesty and genuineness
Integrity – transparency and accountability
Service – acting in service to others by listening and emphasizing sensitivity to their needs